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We are a student group committed to creating and sustaining a variety of educational & cultural experiences that encourage student community. This group welcomes all members of the ESC-NFC student body and alumni.

We have has a productive and fun first year and we invite you to join us.  Stop in for a meeting, participate in an event, send us your suggestions… CARES wants to hear from you.  We are seeking members from all five Units, so whether you are a student in Cheektowaga, Fredonia, Jamestown, Lockport or Olean, you are welcome to join CARES.

What we’ve heard from students is, although we all love ESC, students can feel a little isolated from other students.  To address this CARES endeavors to:

  • provide opportunities for students and alumni to meet and network
  • offer a variety of events for students and alumni  (including community service, social, & cultural events)
  • provide links to valuable resources that can enhance your college journey
  • provide a forum for students and alumni to share information and experiences that can help fellow students
  • communicate various opportunities that are available to students attending ESC.

Do you have a suggestion for us?  Submit it to our Confidential On-line Comment Box. Your voice is important and we want to here from you.

Read a little about What researchers say regarding the link between engaged students and success.

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Our mission is to promote and sustain a variety of educational and cultural experiences that will encourage student members to broaden their knowledge and create social interaction amongst our diverse student body.


Vision Statement

With positive energy we believe bringing together diverse persons who are willing to share their various ideas and experiences will create an atmosphere of cohesion and provide opportunities for social interaction amongst our members. We will help bridge the gap between students who feel isolated from a traditional classroom atmosphere as we continue in our goal to achieve our higher learning experience, in a non-traditional manner. In our group, we believe that by networking, creating and participating in events and the promotion of diverse activities; we can promote inclusiveness and energy that is the Empire State College Niagara Frontier Center (ESC-NFC) culture.