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New Health and Wellness Initiative for Students Talk One-2-One logo

Empire State College not only offers student health insurance, but has recently made available a Health and Wellness Program as well.  Here is an excerpt from the ESC Website.

Empire State College offers a new health and wellness initiative for all students.

Your good health is critical to your academic success. Research has shown that adult students leave college for a variety of reasons, but one of the most significant is for personal and family health issues.

Our program is designed to address the needs of adults as they manage their physical, mental and emotional health during their time at the college.  Our services include:

*student wellness assistance program
*Talk One-2-One, a 24/7 telephone counseling service
*supplemental benefits
*student health insurance
*health and wellness programming

Check out the array of services you can take advantage of as part of your tuition. (Some eligibility requirements may apply, check out the ESC website for details)