Scholarship Opportunities Available…Don’t Delay!


Who doesn’t like getting free money?   Did you know the  Empire State College Foundation awards nearly 300 scholarships to students at ESC from nearly 100 scholarship funds that help both part-time and full-time students achieve their goals?

Check out the scholarship opportunities page and see which scholarships might apply to you.  There are some minimum requirements that have to be met to be eligible to apply. The following information is from Hugh B. Hammett, Ph.D., Vice President for External Affairs and Executive Director of the Empire State College Foundation.

Students must:

  • Have financial need as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal  Student Aid, which must be completed by April 1);
  • Are matriculated and have completed at least 8 credits with Empire State College;
  • Have the appropriate GPA indicating successful academic progress;
  • Have completed at least 80% of the course work they’ve enrolled themselves in.

Once eligible candidates are identified by the criteria above, scholarships are awarded based on both need (as identified by the FAFSA) and academic promise. Academic promise is more subjective in Empire State College’s personalized system, and so the Financial Aid office relies on recommendations from each center’s Dean, Coordinator of Student Services, faculty and other staff as appropriate in order to select recipients.

Students are encouraged to review the list of available scholarships, which is accessible via the link In conjunction with … the Financial Aid Office,  students are encouraged to contact their mentors once they have identified opportunities that might be suitable. Mentors are then able to make recommendations on behalf of their students. These recommendations are appreciated, encouraged, and in fact, crucial to the process of matching appropriate recipients with each scholarship opportunity.

Scholarships provide such a significant boost to students and their families that the recipients graduate at much higher rates than students who do not receive this kind of special support.

Each Spring the scholarship process begins, so don’t delay in looking into what opportunities might be available to you!