NFC’s Own, Assistant Professor Rhianna C. Rogers, Presented Research at the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference

by Maria Tripi ESC-NFC Student

Dr RogersAssistant Professor Rhianna C. Rogers, mentor at the Niagara Frontier Center,was invited to present research on the use and success of project based learning at the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference on January 13-15, 2013 in Orlando Florida.

In her conference presentation entitled, “Using Photosynth to Engage Students in Project Based Learning”, she is hoped to build upon the successes of project based learning she has already experienced at ESC-NFC. Her co-author and co-presenter, Professor Nathan Whitley-Grassi, an assistant Professor and Faculty Instructional Technologist at NFC, and Rogers are large supporters of this type of learning and teaching. Essentially, they developed an IRB approved survey project that involves the use of project based software called Photosynth. In essence, Photosynth allows students to virtually view objects and rotate them in a three dimensional environment.  She states, “Her goal for this presentation is to highlight how students can be engaged with materials in unique and fun ways”.  In addition, Rogers hope is that by engaging students in an unique way, “the students have the ability to incorporate their own experiences and get practical hands-on experience”.

Her ongoing research interests include Cultural Studies, Native American Studies, Anthropology (Archaeology), Latin American History, Southeastern U. S. History, Mesoamerican History and Anthropology, Field Research and Laboratory Methods, Artifact Analysis, Ceramic Sociology and Gender Studies.

She is in the process of writing several journal articles on various topics as well as working on a comparative paper with Dr. Harry Kersey, Professor Emeritus of History at Florida Atlanta University. In addition to her SUNY-ESC collaborative Photosynth research project with Whitley-Grassi, Rogers serves as principal investigator for two other SUNY-ESC research projects. An International project entitled “The formations of Spain: A Documentary and a local project entitled “An Ethnographic Survey of Western New York”.

Professor Rogers is a Mentor and Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at ESC-NFC and is a registered professional archaeologist (RPA) with over seven years of field and museum experience. Rogers received her Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Studies in 2010 from Florida Atlantic University, concentrating in Mesoamerican Anthropology (Archaeology) and Latin American History before accepting her current position at ESC-NFC. She currently teaches various courses in anthropology, archaeology, history, interdisciplinary studies as well as graduate courses.

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  1. Congrats Dr. Rogers, but the date is already past.. Are you presenting in 2014 or did you already present?

    • Our apologies, Mr. Sigeti for the confusion. The article was reprinted from a previous Student newsletter. It has been updated to reflect this as a past event. Thank you once again for bringing it to our attention.

      Vanessa Rehac

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