CARES Members Volunteer at the City of Night Event in Silo City


Photo Credit Maria Tripi. One of the “Living Art Installations”

ESC-NFC CARES continues our initiative to form relationships with community partners to give students an opportunity to volunteer in the community in different areas of interest as we volunteer at City of Night on Saturday August 17, 2013.

ESC-NFC CARES assisted at the Greeting and Merchandise Table during City of Night. CARES gave out a lot of information and sold what was left of the merchandise during our 4-hour shift at our assigned station.  CARES Executive Board Member, Vanessa Rehac said, “I enjoyed volunteering at the welcome table for the City of Night event this year.  I loved the energy of the event, thousands came and we received many wonderful compliments on this creative and high quality experience.  The welcome table allowed us to be the first & often the last ones to interact with guests; I thought it was a great assignment”.

You might ask, what exactly is City of Night?  Direct from their website:

Cares 1 CoN

CARES Member Mike Kless enjoys the art displays

“City of Night is an annual, multi-disciplinary event…Key themes include art, history, culture and sustainability. The “Silo City” complex of grain elevators plays host on the Buffalo River, which sets the historical tone and informs the art installations, musical performances, fine art fair, and site tours. City of Night represents Buffalo’s incredibly diverse cultural scene with a wide variety of music, dance, sound installation, fashion, and a community art project for all to engage in”.

CARES Executive Board Member, Mike Kless states, “Working with a group of friends made the night very enjoyable.  I was able to look at the event from 2 different perspectives.  As a guest both President Maria Tripi and I spent almost 2 hours before our shift going through some of the exhibits.  We did not even get into all the buildings. One of my favorite displays was the grain mills of Buffalo.  For a mechanical junkie like me one of the greatest parts of City of Night was the art and exhibition of the historic grain mills in Buffalo”.

CARES CoN 2 Angel

Dancing Angel performs outside the Silos. Photo credit Maria Tripi

Most of the silos have been vacant for decades, but are too expensive to tear down. Yet they are full of life, inside and outside.  As a part of Buffalo’s industrial past in an area of Buffalo that is usually deserted, thousands of party goers lived it up Saturday night into Sunday morning, by the ancient Grain Elevators that were so important to the city’s past.

Richard Zielinski, Executive Committee Member of CARES, “I truly enjoyed my time spent, as part of CARES group during our volunteer commitment.  We arrived two hours before our volunteer slot and I took that opportunity to investigate slowly but thoroughly, most of the exhibitions.  Much of the art was the typical static display but also present was performance art, dancers and musical acts on three stages spontaneously occurring everywhere on the grounds throughout the evening”.


Maria Tripi and Mike Kless inside on of the Silo Buildings

Considering the size of the event and all its component parts (art performances, installations, craft booths, music stage, beer/wine tents, food trucks, merchandise tables, porta-potties, parking, bike racks, garbage, recycling) the event was smooth riding and well-coordinated.

Dana Saylor from Emerging Leaders in the Arts explains, “We are trying to show people what is possible. We are trying to show people how a place that was once important can be important again, and how we can re-use spaces creatively.”  We believe in ELAB’s mission in promoting artistically creative exhibitions by re-using our once prominent Buffalo architectural history.

Check out CARES volunteers at their respective assigned work station (Vanessa Rehac and Michael Kless.

Thank you for the opportunity ELAB and City of Night, Silo City.  We look forward to working with you again next year!

Maria L. Tripi


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