Smarthinking Adds Audio Option to Select Tutoring Sessions

-submitted by Aimee M. Woznick, Ph. D. Director of Academic Support

stGreat news! At long last, Smarthinking (the college’s online tutoring service) will now be offering audio in select tutoring sessions, enabling students to speak directly with a tutor while working in the whiteboard. 

Live Essay Review Sessions
Students seeking a live essay review that includes audio should schedule an appointment 24 hours or more in advance. Students should bring papers in .pdf format into the whiteboard for discussion with the tutor.

Live Math, Statistics, and Spanish Sessions
Audio-enabled sessions in these subjects must be scheduled 48 hours in advance

If you’re already registered for a Smarthinking account, go to and get started! If you haven’t set up your Smarthinking account yet, simply click on the green “Learning Support” tab in MyESC and follow the directions.

Still Confused?
Don’t know what a “whiteboard” is? Having login problems? Can’t figure out how to turn off your pop-up blocker so that the service will work? Just give Aimee Woznick, Ph.D., Director of Academic Support a ring or an email (contact info. below) and she’ll answer any questions you have. Aimee is here to help!

You can contact Aimee M. Woznick, Ph.D, Director of Academic Support Services for Empire State College, The State University of New York-Niagara Frontier Center at:
office: 716.686.7880
fax: 716.686.0760