Changes to Degree Requirements for Undergrads

changes-ahead-250x250You may have seen this in your inbox, but just in case you didn’t, there is news from ESC’s Office of the Provost regarding changes to the requirements needed to graduate with an Associate and/or Bachelor Degree. If you are in the process of planning or have completed your degree plan, you should take note of these changes and speak with your mentor if you have any questions.  Below is the text from the email for your review.



Starting with the first day of the Fall 1 term (September 8, 2014),
Empire State College will be implementing two policies that may
impact your degree program.  These new policies bring the College
into compliance with updated SUNY requirements.

124 credit Bachelor’s Degree

Previously, students at Empire State College had to complete a total
of 128 credits to complete a bachelor’s degree.  Consistent with new
SUNY wide policy, bachelor’s degrees at Empire State College will
now be limited to a maximum of 124 credits.  During the transition
period, here is how the policy will be implemented (please review
closely to see which scenario is appropriate for you):

1. All students matriculating ON or AFTER September 8, 2014 will
follow the 124 credit policy.

2. All current students, matriculated BEFORE September 8, 2014 who
do not have a concurred degree plan may choose to make use of the
new 124-credit policy after conferring with their mentors.

3. All current students, matriculated BEFORE September 8, 2014 who
do have a concurred degree plan will have the option to amend their
degree plan as long as it does not impact the integrity of the
degree.  If you are interested in adjusting your degree plan, please
speak with your faculty mentor.  The amendment fee will be waived
for students amending their degrees from 128 to 124 credits.

General Education Policy

Effective September 8, 2014, all associate and bachelor’s degree
seeking students must meet the following general education

1. All undergraduate degree plans must include 30 credits across 7
of the 10 general education knowledge and skill areas. (Previously,
associate degree students needed 21 credits across 7 areas).

2. Mathematics and basic communication must be fulfilled as two of
the seven areas. (Previously, these two areas were recommended, but
not required, for associate degree students).

Implementation of the General Education Policy will be as follows:

1. All students matriculating ON or AFTER September 8, 2014 will
follow the new policy.

2. All current students matriculated BEFORE September 8, 2014 follow
the requirements that were in effect at the time of matriculation.

Additional Changes to General Education

In order for a study to fully meet a general education
requirement it must be at least 3 credits to comply with current
SUNY policy. Formerly, a 2 credit study could be used to meet a
requirement, but a 2-credit study will now only partially meet a
general education requirement. Starting September 8, 2014 this
change will affect all students without a concurred degree program
regardless of matriculation date.

If you have questions about any of these changes, please speak with
your faculty mentor who will work with your center’s Office of
Academic Review.  Please note that mentors are not normally
available during the Faculty Reading Period (July 21 – August 15).