Class in a Coffee Shop-Why Not? Access Your Work From Anywhere!


One of the challenges of being a student at Empire State is that we tend to do our school work from a number of places…home, service center, work, library and yes even the occasional coffee shop.  The problem that arises often, is access to all the documents, research and files you might need to work on an assignment.   Jump drives are great, but if you’re like me, you never seem to have one when you need one. However, the cloud is always available and accessible.

For Cloud file storage I love using Box!  It is easy to use, stores any type of file and best of all, it is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection!   Box has several features that make it perfect for college students and professionals alike!

  • Box can be synced to your computer, tablet and phone, pull up what you need, when you need it on the device you have at hand.
  • Basic storage is 10GB (more than other free cloud services) But wait, I’ll tell you how to get 50GB at the end of the post!
  • You can share files and folders…easily.  No really…just like 1.2.3.  Great for collaboration or just sharing a file that is too large to email.
  • Install a “Box” button to your Internet browser tool bar and “BAM” you can save research directly to your account!
  • Sync a box icon on your computer to directly save Word files to Box and upload other file types too!
  • Easy to upload a new or edited version of a document.  If you shared a link to the file with someone, the new one will automatically open!  (I’ve been known to send a link to a paper to my mentor instead of trying to attach a file using Moodle.)

So check out Box. There are others, like Dropbox and iCloud, and I have used those as well but I really like BOX best.  There are some limitations, but they all have these, such as  a 250MB file size limit for upload on the free account, but unless you are uploading huge video files, you shouldn’t have any problems.  So give it a try, you have nothing to lose and easy access to all your documents to gain!


Now, I got in on a sweet deal some time ago that gave me 50GB of storage. And now, my friend, I’m going to share that deal with you!  If you want more than the 10GB that come standard here’s what to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a free account using your ESC Email –Yes, you have one, they just don’t tell us.  It’s your MyESC login  For example mine is  It forwards directly to the email you have on file with the College. 
  3. Once you have an account send an email to:
  4. Subject Line: 50 GB Promo
  5. In the email: Say you were invited by to get a 50GB upgrade.  State your ESC email (the one you used to sign up.) and ask to be upgraded to 50GB.

That’s it, 50 GB to store your papers, research, photos, song lyrics…whatever you need. 

PS That ESC email that you now know you have… Did you know can also get a trial Amazon Prime account using it.  Enjoy free 2-days shipping for about a 1 year.  That’s not all, several online services offer upgraded or free accounts if you use an educational email.  Just something to keep in mind.  


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