Non-Traditional Students Sitting at the Cool Kids Table

The fastest growing population on college and university campuses across the United States is the non-traditional adult student population. These students now make up at least 50% of higher education enrollments. As non-traditional students who’ve made the decision to gain their higher education degree, we are also challenged with balancing many obstacles in achieving our academic goals. For example, some of us are raising families; some are working full and/or part time jobs, while most of us face personally demanding requisitions.

We all want to successfully achieve our educational aspirations! The key is to find balance amongst our higher education goals and everyday challenges. Here are some key practical success tools to guide you in both your academic and personal lives.

Discover self-motivationScreen-shot-2011-04-28-at-10.31.36-AM
Master self-management
Employ interdependence
Gain self-awareness
Adopt lifelong learning
Develop emotional intelligence
Accept responsibility
Believe in yourself

Tell us, how will you foster your non-traditionalism to motivate your academic career?

Bonus Points for naming the Movie in the picture. 

Maria Tripi
President, SUNY ESC-NFC CARES Student Group


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