Bookmarking…Make Your Online Time More Productive

Submitted by: Vanessa Rehac

Bookmarking is an easy way to find resources and online content over and over again.  Although we can all be guilty of googling every time we need to find something, it isn’t the most efficient use of you time.  You probably know you can bookmark sites on your computer’s Internet browser, and this is great as long as you are at your computer.  But what if you are at the library or at the service center?  Maybe you are on vacation (hopefully someplace warn and fun.) and need to find a webiste?  Today we are going to briefly talk about various ways to bookmark sites and information for easy access from anywhere you are.

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This is one of my personal favorites for easy bookmarking of sites.

Symbaloo is a web-based desktop of sorts.  It is fully easy to set up and the tiles are fully customizable.  You can have a screen for personal sites and one for school, if you like to organize that way.  To access your Symbaloo, simply sign in using any computer or supported device (phone or Tablet) and you are in business.  Access email, accounts, websites, blogs and more.  If it has a URL you can bookmark it.
Symbaloo comes with pre-loaded icons for sites like Facebook, Major Stores and Websites and a set of generic ones for you to use when bookmarking a URL for something like an academically reviewed PDF Paper, that took you an hour to finally find.

Check out Symbaloo here. It’s free and so handy!


Alright stick with me a minute.  I know Pinterest has a rep for recipes, quotes and cute animal pics but did you know it can be a powerful bookmarking tools for school?  I’m a visual learner, well OK I’m a visual everything.  So Pinterest is great for me.  You can create specific boards for different subjects and topics and “pin” a picture to the board.  But it is so much more than just a picture, it’s a direct link to the original source.


Take a look at a couple of my “Academic Boards.”

Communication Protocols
Visual Literacy Info and Design
Content Analysis– This one I used to keep pictures organized for an assignment.
Photoshop Inspiration-This board not only housed photoshop examples but links to how-to tutorials.

Pinterest can be synced and accessed across platforms and due to it’s inherent organizational design, content is easy to find.  You can even install a Pin It Button in your browser to help you pin directly to your boards while doing online research. This is helpful in keeping you from getting distracted by cute baby animals.  If you run into a site that doesn’t have a picture to pin, that’s OK, upload one of your own and link the URL to it.

Some tips:
Be sure to enter a brief descriptor of the pin as a caption. Your pin may come with someone else’s, so be sure to make it your own.

Click through pictures to the original content to be sure it is what it appears to be. Sometimes links get misdirected by accident or purpose.

If you have a Pinterest already consider how it can be used for school or work.  It’s always nice to make the social media work for its supper.


Remember-everything-with-Evernote-Skitch-and-our-other-great-apps.-EvernoteEvernote is an academic’s dream app.  Their tagline is “The workspace for your life’s work” and from what I know of its most loyal users, that’s not an oversell.  Evernote is also a cross platform tool that will allow you for organize a wide variety of content types in “notebooks” for easy access from anywhere you have Internet access.  This is a great collaboration tool and most faithful users swear by it for not only academic use but work and personal use as well.

Evernote comes with a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not terribly complicated.  It also has some fun add-ons like Penultimate, that lets you hand write and convert your notes to digital format.

So whatever you need or comfort level, consider taking your bookmarks to a new level and increase your productivity from where ever you are!

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