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CARES, College Achievement Requires Engaged Students, is the first (and only) student club for Niagara Frontier Students. Students who attend SUNY ESC at any of the 5 NFC Centers/Units can join us (Cheektowaga, Olean, Fredonia, Jamestown, Lockport.)

Your can send us your comments in two ways, through the Comment Box located in your service center or unit or you can use online Comments for CARES suggestion box.  Both are there to give you a place to use your voice, as a student, to help us:

  • Engage Students and help them connect with each other so no one feels they are taking this journey alone
  • Provide opportunities for educational, social and charitable interaction for Students BY Students
  • Allow the voice of students to be heard not only by fellow students, but to have a club that will help your voice be heard by the college in a positive and constructive way.

Do you have an idea that would improve your ESC experience, location, etc…?
Is there a student activity you would like to see happen?
Are there additional resources needed, that you feel, would increase student success and overall ESC-NFC experience?
Is there something that works that you want to see stay, or expanded? (Student study groups, workshops, etc…)

Send us your thoughts! We’d love to hear them. We are looking for general suggestions that would benefit all students. If your comment involves a specific professor or academic issue, you would be best served contacting your primary mentor. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, we can help point you to the best contact.

Your privacy in being able to honestly express yourself is important to us. CARES is a student-led club, we work with a faculty adviser, but all comments submitted here will be REVIEWED BY STUDENTS ONLY.

Thank you for starting a conversation with us!